Achievement Tracker? What for?

Monday through Friday, my calendar is full of appointments and meetings, and my work notebook is an overflowing ocean of to-do lists. I find myself so focused on keeping track of my tasks that by the time I complete a major goal, I have no energy to celebrate, let alone document my accomplishment (mostly because by then I’ve forgotten the details).

A few months ago, I found myself feeling anxious and a little nervous about my upcoming annual performance review. I couldn’t pinpoint the reason at first. I had consistently been working hard to go above and beyond on my projects. When I tried to list all of my achievements in my head, however, I could barely remember what I had completed the week before! Then the panic creeped in. I stayed up late that night going through my calendar and my notebooks, trying to put together the pieces of a hectic year.

It was then that I decided I wouldn’t let this happen again and that next time I’d be prepared. I needed to put a system in place. This is where the idea to create a simple way to track and list achievements was born.


The Achievement Tracker template is meant to help you document your goals. From properly formulating a SMART goal, to documenting the lessons learned through the process, it prompts you to consider the possible obstacles and challenges that you may encounter and to come up with a plan to overcome them. Importantly, it also has a section to document the end result where you can reflect on the lessons learned. Because having an accountability partner is proven to help you achieve your goals, there is also a place to write down their name. This should be someone that you can reach out to when you need a push or guidance, and who will celebrate with you when you accomplish what you set out to do. 😊

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